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Industrial packaging and confectionary machinery in Albacete

GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Spain, European comunity, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania

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The company

IMC is a company with over 38 years´ experience in the manufacture of industrial machinery (packaging-vertical, dosing equipment, weighing and industrial confectionery machinery). We are backed by a large number of customers both in Spain and abroad.

Our own manufacture and our technology make IMC a cutting-edge twenty-first century company.
The reliability of our equipment along with a direct after-sales service have made IMC one of the best consolidated companies within the packaging sector.

Our reason for existing

To do our utmost to cover the needs of every company through design, innovation and technology.. IMC manages to achieve this thanks to its highly qualified and committed team to provide the most suitable solution to each new challenge.

For us, the human factor is essential, and we have an extensive workforce of more than 39 professionals.

Among IMC´s achievements over its extensive experience has been its conversion into a solid and established company in the manufacturing world on a national and an international scale, standing out in the food filling sector.

Our services

Each one of IMC´s machines is unique, manufactured with in-house and leading brand materials in electronics, pneumatics, constructed in stainless steel, possessing all the quality standards and certificates in place in the industrial sector. (Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000, CE Standard).

Our work does not end with the installation: we take great care in the provision of training to the company to avail of the full potential of the machinery. Our after-sales service is one of our strengths, where our personalised service allows us to offer a quick and effective response.

We invite you to discover our entire range on our website.

Imc Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano
Imc Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano
Imc Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano


Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano possesses a range of infrastructure equipped with the most sophisticated lines of die casting, numerical control lathes, etc., as well as the latest in welding equipment. Technical engineering offices, electrical assembly rooms, programming processes room, etc.

Our development team is able to provide solutions to all the requirements of our customers.
IMC´S 3000 m2 facilities were built in 1984, housing all kinds of cutting-edge machinery to create whatever is required from each customer.

The purpose of the manufacture of packaging and industrial confectionery machinery is to provide our customers greater competitiveness in the market, to save on costs and increase production.


R + D


Our research and development team is constantly creating new ideas to increase the performance and effectiveness of our packaging and industrial confectionery machinery.

We strive to provide the best solution for the need of each customer, adapting each machine to the particular situation at hand.

The tenacity and perseverance to stay at the forefront of technological developments and innovation for our packaging and industrial confectionery machines is what drives us to approach new markets always offering something unique and of quality.

We cover all of the phases such as research, analysis, creativity, management of prototypes, industrial development, manufacturing and quality control.
We possess the equipment necessary to provide a response to all our customers with the latest in industrial machinery development.

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