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Industrial packaging and confectionary machinery in Albacete

GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Spain, European community, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania

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Technical assistance

Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano has a team of professionals who offer technical assistance to our customers.

IMC also has an after-sales service to solve any type of breakdown or damage of parts in a short period of time. We have a stock of spare parts for our machines at our facilities to enable our customers to be able to order them.


Each machine that leaves our facilities is fully tested with the customer's own product and the film that they are going to use for packaging.

Telephone support service

IMC also offers a telephone support service to allow our customers to solve their breakdown issues straight away, in order to prevent downtime and to continue with their production.


The installation and start-up of each machine is performed by our team of personnel that is trained for this purpose, which is directly transferred to the customer´s address for installation of the machine.

Training course

We also offer a training course in the use and cleaning of the machine to the personnel that are going to be in contact with the machine.
All our machines come with a manual that includes a list of electrical components, a console manual and another for the operation and maintenance of the machine, as well as the EC certificate of the machine.

Imc Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano
Imc Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano
Imc Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano


Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda, Iraq, Peru, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, China.

IMC began the process of moving into the international market several years ago and we are currently present in several EU countries with companies in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Poland, etc., as well as throughout South-America, Africa and the Middle East.

This has been possible thanks to the experience and know-how acquired over all these years in our own industrial manufacture . Strong and steady growth that has driven our presence in many countries.

We have designed and manufactured a wide range of products, in vertical filling from heat sealing, packaging machine for any food product, for ice, water, sand and gravel, fertilisers, for parts, ironwork, water and ice volumetrics, bagging units, weigher semi-automatisms to mixing systems.

One product worth mentioning is our special dynamic 45º tilting packaging machine model for delicate products or our vertical vacuum chamber system up to 99 %, as well as our new packaging machines systems for solids with protective liquid.

Our confectionery machine range includes industrial paper cup, paper cup remover, dosing machine, injecting and handling machines. Not forgetting our series of industrial multi-weighing and weighing machines for all type of products (nuts, sweets, pre-prepared and horticultural products, water, ice, meat, bread, powders, liquids, frozen food, etc).

This process requires constant effort to adapt to the changing needs of our customers. Our aim is to innovate in terms of processes and designs, applying the latest advances in technology and components to offer the most effective and cost-effective solution in the packaging sector (vertical-packaging, weighing and confectionery).