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IMC Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano
Electronic weighing product dosing system. We manufacture systems with one or two linear weighers and 10, 14 or 16 multi-head weighers in both circular and linear format according to the speed required in order to adapt to a wide range of products​.

IMC Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano
The automatic packaging machines combine innovation, development and quality, resulting in a machine that is not only functional and high-quality, but also cost-effective and productive from a customer viewpoint.

The automatic packaging machines allow for multiple configurations, according to the most demanding requirements, to get the most out of the machine at all times, increasing production and reducing manufacturing costs for the customer.​
IMC Innovaciones Mecánicas Campollano
We manufacture a wide range of machines for different types of products, which can be assembled as a single unit, or lined up with others according to the needs of each customer.

From paper cup machines, dosing machines, sugaring machine to complete lines for stuffing loaves of bread, filled wafers and the manufacture of muffins, offering a solution to the needs of each customer.

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